What I did during summer break in 2016

Hey I am back sorry its been a while since I have talked but I promise I will start writing more often but what I did over summer break in 2016 was I went to Disneyland California with my dad and his girlfriend and myself and my sister Kira. we went on sooooo many rides and we stayed at hotel in California called the Ayres hotel. we stayed there for a few days and it was so fun the beds were so comfy and the blankets were so soft.  I  also got new souvenirs from Disneyland California I got a stitch keychain and a stuffed animal stitch and pressed pennies.  I also  got a Disneyland 60 baseball cap hat that has my name embroidered  in  the back and I got more pressed pennies.  I  also went on a big roller coaster with my dads girlfriend lauri it was called California screamin.  then I went on it by myself the last two times. and I went on the Matterhorn ride. And then  on  the splash mountain  a water ride in California. and I got signatures from all the characters like Winnie the pooh and tigger and eeyore.and a signature from goofy and a picture with him and pictures with tigger eeyore and  Winnie the pooh.  I also  got a picture with Chewbacca but he wasn’t allowed to sign because he couldn’t see through his costume to sign my book so we just got a picture with him and when I got home I put Chewbacca’s name in my book myself.  Then we went back  and forth one more time to California adventure and back to the Disneyland park  before we went home and we hit any rides we couldn’t do the first day we arrived at the Disneyland park and California adventure.  Then we went back to the Ayres hotel and grabbed our stuff and packed up the car and then drove back home to our house here in Arizona. But  before we did we had to pick up or dog princey from the vet and then after we did we went home for good and chilled out and then shortly after that we went to bed and slept till the next morning. Well that was my summer how was you’re  summer? What did u do over you’re  summer vacation anything fun or no? Just stayed home and relaxed all summer long before school started up again.

Thanks for letting me tell u about my summer and I hope I can chat with u again have a great day and a great night and I will be back tomorrow to chat with bye.

Saturday September 17th 2016 by Tesia Nicole Oszakiewski 9/17/16 have a great day and a great night and I will be back to chat with u tomorrow bye for now.


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