Tesia Kira and my dad doing something while we play in the basketball court

hi I am back and I have something to share with you guys today it has to do with my sister Kira and her big sister Tesia both of them played in the basketball court where it is air conditioned and cool and we played some games in the cool basketball court in the gym we played basketball but it was a different type of basketball it was the type where when one person made a shot they got to go again and if they missed the shot they had to give the basketball to the next person and we also played horse first I played with my dad and he played with me for a few minutes then had to go back to work on something outside and then came back to play with us more and more until he needed to check that something he was working on he then played kickball with us for a few minutes then he had to go outside again to fix the thing he was working on outside and then he was still outside doing that my sister and me were playing put the ball on the ground and run to it and kick it against the wall and you can’t stop it other wise it was the next person’s turn to do it . so I had too much fun to stop playing and go back inside to go drink water and cool down inside it was fun but it was time to go back inside to get water and cool down. love Tesia.

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