princey on my lap at the computer

this is my dog princey he is sitting on my lap and is watching me type this on my blog he is so cute and he is always coming near me when I wake up and when it’s time to settle down for bed he is always sleeping near me when I tell heim princey come cuddle and he comes and cuddles with me and when he hears something in kitchen that’s when he doesn’t come cuddle with me because he knows that when there’s food he comes in the kitchen but if there’s no food he comes right near me and comes to cuddle again because that’s his way of saying I love you and this is what I’m doing to prove that I love you so that is why I’m typing this on my blog because I thought that it would be cute that my dog princey is coming to cuddle in my bed or on the couch or in the morning or at night he always is a good bubba because he shows in his own expressions that he loves me and that I love him he is such a sweet bubba because I take him out for walks and that is how I show him that I love him and that I care for him he is such a sweet bubba because he always gives me kisses when I get home from boys and girls club he is such a sweet bubba good boy .

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