princey on my lap at the computer

this is my dog princey he is sitting on my lap and is watching me type this on my blog he is so cute and he is always coming near me when I wake up and when it’s time to settle down for bed he is always sleeping near me when I tell heim princey come cuddle and he comes and cuddles with me and when he hears something in kitchen that’s when he doesn’t come cuddle with me because he knows that when there’s food he comes in the kitchen but if there’s no food he comes right near me and comes to cuddle again because that’s his way of saying I love you and this is what I’m doing to prove that I love you so that is why I’m typing this on my blog because I thought that it would be cute that my dog princey is coming to cuddle in my bed or on the couch or in the morning or at night he always is a good bubba because he shows in his own expressions that he loves me and that I love him he is such a sweet bubba because I take him out for walks and that is how I show him that I love him and that I care for him he is such a sweet bubba because he always gives me kisses when I get home from boys and girls club he is such a sweet bubba good boy .

my new stuffed dog named slush & my old small slush

once upon a time their was a new stuffed dog named slush . He was a very good dog I love him because he is a husky and I love husky’s or pretty much any type of dog it is really nice that I was able to spend my money on a new big stuffed slush since I have a small one I decided to get a big slush because my small slush was very lonely and he needed a friend to play with and spend quality time with so that is why I got him a new stuffed dog slush because he really was dying for a new best friend to spend his whole life with and be able to do things with for his whole intire life he has been wanting a new best friend for a very long time so I told him that he might get one someday he might get a new best friend if he gets along with his other brothers and his sister he has been really nice to his family members so that is why I chose to buy a new stuffed husky named slush he is becoming my new best friend forever and forever until he gets to be very old and sick I love my new stuffed slush very much he is now my favorite stuffed animal I have ever had in my intire life he has a little brother named slush number 1 he has a big brother named slush number 2 they are best friends and they always will be I love my new stuffed slush he’s very cute.

going to the doctor and getting to blow in the solid thing and candles

I have a sad story that I must share I have a polyp in my nose and a granuloma in my vocal cord he said that the only way to fix it is to take a inhaler and my tessalon pearl and my nasel spray if that doesn’t fix it and everything they tried doesn’t work then I will have to have surgery to cut it out of two places my vocal cord and my nose then I might feel better after they do the surgery but I might have to stay in the hospital after they do the surgery because they might need to watch me to make sure that nothing else goes wrong so that is what is cause me to grunt and sniff and grunt and sniff that is probably going to make me feel better when they do the surgery and I might feel like I can do more things in the weather without having to stay inside and do something inside while my friends play outside without me so if they get the granuloma fixed and the polyp fixed then I won’t grunt anymore and I’ll be back to normal after they do the surgery to fix the granuloma and the polyp if they fix my granuloma and the polyp I might be able to go outside and do whatever I want outside like I used too thankz for lisetening  love you guys bye.

My book about flowers my stuffed dog

One day it was an ordinary day  I woke up and found  a bag with a card in it and a stuffed dog I first saw the stuffed dog he is so cute he has flowers on his back so I named him flowers then when I   got  up I  got  ready  for school  and then before I  got  on my bus  I  had put him on my bed and left for school then after I come  home from  camp I will say  hi  to my stuffed  dog  flowers when I get home to tomorrow after camp and school I will play with my favorite stuffed dog named flowers he is now my favorite stuffed dog because I got him from  mom  I  am  thankful  for my new stuffed dog named flowers he is my favorite stuffed dog because he has been my new best dog ever because I got him because it’s valentine’s day  I love getting new toys and candy from  my family especially a  new stuffed  dog  named flowers he is my favorite puppy because he has flower shaped spots that look like flowers that is why I decided to name him flowers  he is my best friend now because  I   got  him from my mom I love flowers because he is a good boy as soon as I go back to mom’s I will go say hi to my best  puppy because he is my new best  friend I will give him all my love as much as I do to my other stuffed dogs I love him so much he is my very best friend  he is going to be loved so much when I come to see him tomorrow after school and camp I  love him so much he  is my best  friend  that I’ve ever had I love flowers so much he is my favorite pup in the whole  world. the end

car accident last night ?????

Yesterday we were coming home from getting food and there was a silver car that bumped into a white car. There was a 17 year old girl who was bleeding out of her nose and her side and she fainted twice. Dad called the police and the parimedics and they came and helped the 17 year old girl after a couple of minutes. They left and took her to the hospital and we were able to go home and watch tv and play the xbox, but it took a few minutes before we could go home. The air bag was steaming out of the car. They took care of the 17 year old girl, and she probably went to the hospital around the time we all went to bed. They probably took her when we were getting ready for bed, and it slightly was time for us to go to bed. I was crying because it was scary for me to watch all the police and parimedics take care of the 17 year old. If it was me I would be scared because being in a car crash can be scary for some people like me.  When you are in that kind of situation I would be scared if I’m sick and my dad isn’t there to comfort me when I’m in a ambulance, because the parimedics have to be able to take care of me and there’s no room in there .



apology to Mrs. Carter

Dear Mrs. Carter, I’m sorry for throwing a tantrum and running away from Mrs. Welch.  I understand this prevented you from doing your prep time and from working with other students like Ricky and Kayla.  It also probably hurt your lunch.  I’m sorry for doing that to you, and I hope that you forgive me.  I promise that I won’t do that ever again, because it was selfish. You are a great teacher and I love being in your class.  I hope that you are forgiving me right now. I know that school is as important as having a job.  I understand that I have to go to school because that is my job as a kid to be at school  even if I say ohh I feel sick can I go home.  You’re probably going to say no you have to stay at school. I just need to understand that it’s important for me to be at school because it’s my job as a kid, and if I’m truly sick I would need to see the nurse so that she can check me for any signs or symptoms of me being sick; but if I say that just to get my way I know it’s wrong, and I won’t ever do that again because I know that I will get in trouble for it .

Love your student, Tesia Nicole Oszakiewski

my birthday

Today …………….. Is my Birthday I just turned 13 today . Tommorrow  Is my party where I get  to do whatever I want at Dave & Busters did I mention that I’m even going there ? well……. if not well I’m going there because that’s where I chose to have my party I can’t wait to have my party tommorrow because that”s what I love the most Is having my party at my Favorite Place In The World Which Is Dave & Busters Because It’s My Favorite Place to be because there I at least get to spend time with family and friends I also get to spend time with my grandma too. I can’t wait …………… because there I get to play and win tickets just like chuck -E cheeses or peter piper pizza but only a lot bigger and more fun to play at other then those types of places I love Dave & Busters because we get to slide our card and then you can play that”s what I love about this place Is when you play you don’t run out of tokens and you get to spend more time there without feeling like you’re being rushed and I get to have more time to play and have more fun then having to rushed that’s the fun part about Dave & Busters is you can play and have fun and get to spend more time. The End

getting 100% on my science quiz

One Day This Girl Named Tesia She was doing a science quiz on hygrometer barameter Thermometer and I got 100% on it because I knew the answers so that’s why I got 100% on It is because I was paying attention to what my teacher had told about how to use the instruments  and how to hold them I love science because it’s fun to learn the things I’ve studied for all quarter that I should know already because my teacher has taught me for I think a year alsmost two years so I should already know it because I ‘ve  studied it for a while and I should know It by now because If I don’t she would be very mad at me because I should’ve known it by now If I don’t that’s asham because we’ve studied it for like a year maybe two years I don’t know maybe but it’s been AWHILE.

christmas time

there was once a girl  her name is kira she had a great idea and when she had that great idea she said that ohhh I should make my christmas list so that people know what I want and so she did she wrote lots of things down of what she wanted for christmas and then she sent it to her friends and family so that they can see what she wants for christmas this year I hope I get my novi stars she said and then her father told her you’re just going to have to wait and see what you will get when christmas eve arrives because it’s kinda of rude to open gifts when it’s not christmas eve says my father so then she said yes father and she waited and she waited and she waited and she waited and she waited  until  it time  for chrristmas but until then you can’t open presents ok . Ok father .

getting lice ???????

one day I started scratching feriously .  I had tried some drandroff shampoo. some other types of shampoo.  that didn’t work .then one day which was yesterday. I went to the hair salon.  they tried doing my hair .Then while we were there .They were trying to doing my hair. That’s when they found some flea like tick bugs .That were in my hair so then. After they saw them. They said that they couldn’t work on my hair. Because their were tick like flea bugs. In my hair. Then when we discoverd that it wasn’t dandroff .we said that ohhh. We should have noticed .This a long time Ago. Then when they told us. About what had happend. I started crying . saying I’m sorry for what happend.Then the people there. Said it’s okay. You didn’t do this. It’s not your fault. It just happends. Even my dad said you didn’t. Cause this it’s going to be ok .by:tesia nicole.