what i did this summer!

Hi I am back and I am going to tell you about what I did this summer. First I went to canyon lake and then I went to goldfield and then I went to tortilla flat and then I went to wet and wild and then I went to sea life aquarium at Arizona mills and then I went to Kirchner caverns in Tucson. I also went to out of Africa wildlife zoo. I also went school shopping for supplies and backpacks and school clothes. I got to go to Arizona mills and get keychains at Arizona mills and I went to goldfield and tortilla flat and I got to look around in the stores. And then at karchenr caverns in Tucson we got to look at cool stalagmites and stalactites in the ceiling and on the walls in a dark dark room  and then we got to see a video of how two men found the stalagmites and stalactites in the ceiling of the caverns.

The end that was what my summer was all about and what I did this summer before I went back to school I hope you enjoyed what I talked to you about today and that it would it inspire you and let you know That their is a place where you can see these cool stuff that I saw this summer I thank you so much for letting me explain what I did this summer I hope you enjoyed the way I explained it.

Bye and have a wonderful school year and great day and I will talk to you as soon as possible thank you for letting tell you what I did bye.


By:Tesia Nicole Oszakiewski.

Date: Sunday, August, 10th 2014.

Have A wonderful school year and day and I will talk to you later on bye.

LOVE :Tesia Nicole Oszakiewski.

it is almost Christmas and my birthday at dave and busters at Tempe marketplace December 28th 1999

hi i am back and it is almost Christmas time and my birthday and i get double get double the presents on my birthday because my birthday is 3 days after Christmas  and on Christmas i get lots of presents sometimes like this year i am with my dad and his girlfriend and they are having my uncle Adam come over and Darlene and my grandma and grandpa o the are going to be coming over for Christmas day and Christmas eve  my sister and i are going to be at dads for Christmas day and Christmas eve and then my sister and i are going to be at my moms house again at 10:00 in the morning then my moms boyfriend has two boys and they are going to have Christmas with us at our moms house all the way on frank Loyd wright and via Linda on 115th street that is where our mom lives all the way out on that street and the apartment number is 130 but it used to be 292 until we moved around the corner but in the same complex tha is what we will be doing this Christmas day and Christmas eve night and morning and evening well i have to go now so have very very very very very very very very very very very very very very merry Christmas and very very very very very very very very very very happy new year.


going on our trip to san deigo california in la jolla with ms g and aunt lynn and peanutty

today I am going to talk to you about our trip to san Diego California in la jolla with MS g  and aunt Lynn and peanut they were happy to see us and I was too they were mostly happy to see lauri because that was their daughter that they haven’t seen in a long time . they  were not mad at me for almost plugging their toilet but they could have been and I had to say sorry and write a apology letter to them saying what I did wrong and why it was wrong and how I will never do that again they said ok and it was never going to happen again and I said sorry again and went to my room after dinner there and then when we came home I had to go to my room after dinner a few more times and then by Monday I was out of my room and went back to my mom’s and told her about what had happened and then next Thursday I was out of my room and got to play the Xbox and play on my phone and mp3 and that was what happened on my vacation in la jolla California with Mrs. g and aunt lynn they love seeing me and seeing how I growed and they love seeing me happy with peanut and princey playing together and me playing with them bye thx for  letting me explain what happened in la jolla California on my vacation bye see you later by.  tesia Nicole oszakiewski see you soon talk to you later bye love tesia Nicole o.

Tesia Kira and my dad doing something while we play in the basketball court

hi I am back and I have something to share with you guys today it has to do with my sister Kira and her big sister Tesia both of them played in the basketball court where it is air conditioned and cool and we played some games in the cool basketball court in the gym we played basketball but it was a different type of basketball it was the type where when one person made a shot they got to go again and if they missed the shot they had to give the basketball to the next person and we also played horse first I played with my dad and he played with me for a few minutes then had to go back to work on something outside and then came back to play with us more and more until he needed to check that something he was working on he then played kickball with us for a few minutes then he had to go outside again to fix the thing he was working on outside and then he was still outside doing that my sister and me were playing put the ball on the ground and run to it and kick it against the wall and you can’t stop it other wise it was the next person’s turn to do it . so I had too much fun to stop playing and go back inside to go drink water and cool down inside it was fun but it was time to go back inside to get water and cool down. love Tesia.

my second day at vet camp with mrs. jessica and the dogs and cats and kittens .

Hi I am back today I am going to share with you a few things that I got to learn and experience at vet camp today I got to experience types of animals and how long they live before they die I also got to experience how long cockatoos live before they die I also got to experience how to approach a dog either in the kennel or with a person who owns the dog or dogs I first have to ask them questions like does your dog bite or does your dog do well with other dogs or how to feed a dog first you don’t stick your hand or finger in the kennel because a dog or a puppy might bite off your hand or finger because it doesn’t know any better so that is why you never stick your whole hand or finger inside the kennel I also learned that when you feed the kittens you have to let them come up to you other wise if you pick them up they might bite you and you could end up in the ER if you don’t let them come up to you especially the bigger cats especially the big orange cat if you pick her up or she hops on your lap get an adult who works there to get the orange cat off because if you do it your self you might get bit and end up in the ER getting something fixed from the cat bite so that is my story about how you should approach a dog or cat by Tesia, Nicole, Oszakiewski, THE END BY TESIA NICOLE OSZAKIEWSKI BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE

Update: here’s a link to pictures I took today: https://picasaweb.google.com/104959611352467338428/AAWLCampDay2#

princey is a dupa dog ……..

dear everyone I have a dog and his his name is princey he is so cute and is very dumb because he doesn’t know where the wall is by poo corner he is a very dumb dog he is always being a dupa because he doesn’t know how to be a smart dog because he is being a very stupid dog and he runs and doesn’t know where he is going and he hits his head and it could possibly bleed but he just doesn’t understand what is going on around him so he just runs into things and ends up bleeding and is acting like it didn’t hurt that is so weird for a dog like that to not cry and whine for attention because he is just too busy being a dupa so that he can get his own way and he doesn’t then he whines and does stuff he shouldn’t do . that is the end of my story about my dog princey and how he is a dupa. love tesia .

princey looking on top for my fish

my dog princey is looking on top for my fish but he knows that he won’t get it but he tries anyway though he knows that he won’t get it but he could if he jumped high enough he probably could reach it if he tried hard enough he could probably touch the fish tank but one thing is that the fish tank’s cap is tight so that only I can get the cap off because I know how to do it and princey doesn’t so I would expect him to touch it and jump back down rather than touch it and open the cap and take the fish out and eat it if he could do that I would be shocked because dogs don’t normally do that the only animal I know that does that is a cat and cats only do that when they know that there is a fish on top of the dressser but he knows that he can’t have it but he tries with all of his might so yeah he is always wanting to play with my fish and knows

first time back at kids club

I am back at kids club today and I ‘m having a great time I love going to kids club and having a great time while dad is at work I enjoy playing outside and going to organ stop pizza and going swimming I love having a greta time while my dad is at work and my sister and I get to play together and have a great time but I hate when I have to put my cell phone inside my backpack and I also enjoy eating breakfast and lunch with my sister and other kids I hope that I will get to have even more fun when I come back to kids club and sometimes we get to have fun inside the gym and play either dodgeball or basketball I love having a great time while my dad is at work and getting done what he needs to get done I love having fun at kids club and playing with my sister and eating lunch with her when I cry she cheers me up by playing with me and having a great time with her before my dad comes to pick me and my sister up after he’s done with work I get to have fun until he comes to take me and sister home to eat or play with princey I love kids club it’s fun  I love spending time with my sister until dad comes to pick me and my sister up . love TESIA NICOLE OSZAKIEWSKI. I LOVE KIDS CLUB IT’S FUN AND EXCITING LOVE TESIA.

Kira’s 8th birthday at the pottery place in tempe market place .

My sister Kira is turing 8 today and we are having a birthday for her to celebrate her being 8 and her friends are going to be there and we all get to paint a pottery for her birthday I am probably going to get the small dog with the money slot in his head and I’m sure they have a cork to hold the money in so when I want to use it the money doesn’t fall out and get lost Kira I love you and I hope that you will have a great time at your birthday with your friends and I will too I hope that you will get to enjoy all of the pottery and get to pick out one that you like most have a very happy 8th birhday I can’t believe you are turing 8 I can’t wait to see your face when you open all the presents and find out what you are getting from your family and your friends I hope that you will have a fun and pottery filled birthday I love you and I hope that you will enjoy your pottery when it comes home in a few days I love you and I hope that you will love your pottery and your gifts that everyone will get you I am sorry for not being able to get you a present or a card but I am sure you will understand plus I am sure you will get lots of presents and you will probably get cake and a pottery to take home in a few days I love you hope you have a very good birthday love tesia nicole oszakiewski HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY KIRA I LOVE YOU LOVE TESIA.O