going to boys and girls club today because theres so school today

hello I am back and I am so happy bc I am not at my moms today bc I have no school bc theres a jewish holiday today so I’m at boys and girls club today and not at my moms so yeah I love this day bc it gives me a day away from my annoying step brothers especially a day away from my step dad aaron and my annoying brother Dylan. so yeah I am so happy that there is no school today and that I don’t get to go to moms today bc I don’t want to hear anyone like Dylan or aaron tell me what to do when I walk in the door and accuse me of stuff that might’ve not been me it could’ve been Dylan or trevor or kira but no they accuse me first so yeah I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad I get a day away from them. and that’s all I have to tell you today and I will talk to u Thursday bye. have a good day and a good night and I will tell u about moms and stuff on Thursday.

the end

by:tesia oszakiewski

Monday October 3rd 2016 or 16  or 10-3-16 or 10-3-2016



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