going on our trip to san deigo california in la jolla with ms g and aunt lynn and peanutty

today I am going to talk to you about our trip to san Diego California in la jolla with MS g  and aunt Lynn and peanut they were happy to see us and I was too they were mostly happy to see lauri because that was their daughter that they haven’t seen in a long time . they  were not mad at me for almost plugging their toilet but they could have been and I had to say sorry and write a apology letter to them saying what I did wrong and why it was wrong and how I will never do that again they said ok and it was never going to happen again and I said sorry again and went to my room after dinner there and then when we came home I had to go to my room after dinner a few more times and then by Monday I was out of my room and went back to my mom’s and told her about what had happened and then next Thursday I was out of my room and got to play the Xbox and play on my phone and mp3 and that was what happened on my vacation in la jolla California with Mrs. g and aunt lynn they love seeing me and seeing how I growed and they love seeing me happy with peanut and princey playing together and me playing with them bye thx for  letting me explain what happened in la jolla California on my vacation bye see you later by.  tesia Nicole oszakiewski see you soon talk to you later bye love tesia Nicole o.

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