my second day at vet camp with mrs. jessica and the dogs and cats and kittens .

Hi I am back today I am going to share with you a few things that I got to learn and experience at vet camp today I got to experience types of animals and how long they live before they die I also got to experience how long cockatoos live before they die I also got to experience how to approach a dog either in the kennel or with a person who owns the dog or dogs I first have to ask them questions like does your dog bite or does your dog do well with other dogs or how to feed a dog first you don’t stick your hand or finger in the kennel because a dog or a puppy might bite off your hand or finger because it doesn’t know any better so that is why you never stick your whole hand or finger inside the kennel I also learned that when you feed the kittens you have to let them come up to you other wise if you pick them up they might bite you and you could end up in the ER if you don’t let them come up to you especially the bigger cats especially the big orange cat if you pick her up or she hops on your lap get an adult who works there to get the orange cat off because if you do it your self you might get bit and end up in the ER getting something fixed from the cat bite so that is my story about how you should approach a dog or cat by Tesia, Nicole, Oszakiewski, THE END BY TESIA NICOLE OSZAKIEWSKI BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE

Update: here’s a link to pictures I took today:

princey is a dupa dog ……..

dear everyone I have a dog and his his name is princey he is so cute and is very dumb because he doesn’t know where the wall is by poo corner he is a very dumb dog he is always being a dupa because he doesn’t know how to be a smart dog because he is being a very stupid dog and he runs and doesn’t know where he is going and he hits his head and it could possibly bleed but he just doesn’t understand what is going on around him so he just runs into things and ends up bleeding and is acting like it didn’t hurt that is so weird for a dog like that to not cry and whine for attention because he is just too busy being a dupa so that he can get his own way and he doesn’t then he whines and does stuff he shouldn’t do . that is the end of my story about my dog princey and how he is a dupa. love tesia .

princey looking on top for my fish

my dog princey is looking on top for my fish but he knows that he won’t get it but he tries anyway though he knows that he won’t get it but he could if he jumped high enough he probably could reach it if he tried hard enough he could probably touch the fish tank but one thing is that the fish tank’s cap is tight so that only I can get the cap off because I know how to do it and princey doesn’t so I would expect him to touch it and jump back down rather than touch it and open the cap and take the fish out and eat it if he could do that I would be shocked because dogs don’t normally do that the only animal I know that does that is a cat and cats only do that when they know that there is a fish on top of the dressser but he knows that he can’t have it but he tries with all of his might so yeah he is always wanting to play with my fish and knows