first time back at kids club

I am back at kids club today and I ‘m having a great time I love going to kids club and having a great time while dad is at work I enjoy playing outside and going to organ stop pizza and going swimming I love having a greta time while my dad is at work and my sister and I get to play together and have a great time but I hate when I have to put my cell phone inside my backpack and I also enjoy eating breakfast and lunch with my sister and other kids I hope that I will get to have even more fun when I come back to kids club and sometimes we get to have fun inside the gym and play either dodgeball or basketball I love having a great time while my dad is at work and getting done what he needs to get done I love having fun at kids club and playing with my sister and eating lunch with her when I cry she cheers me up by playing with me and having a great time with her before my dad comes to pick me and my sister up after he’s done with work I get to have fun until he comes to take me and sister home to eat or play with princey I love kids club it’s fun  I love spending time with my sister until dad comes to pick me and my sister up . love TESIA NICOLE OSZAKIEWSKI. I LOVE KIDS CLUB IT’S FUN AND EXCITING LOVE TESIA.

Kira’s 8th birthday at the pottery place in tempe market place .

My sister Kira is turing 8 today and we are having a birthday for her to celebrate her being 8 and her friends are going to be there and we all get to paint a pottery for her birthday I am probably going to get the small dog with the money slot in his head and I’m sure they have a cork to hold the money in so when I want to use it the money doesn’t fall out and get lost Kira I love you and I hope that you will have a great time at your birthday with your friends and I will too I hope that you will get to enjoy all of the pottery and get to pick out one that you like most have a very happy 8th birhday I can’t believe you are turing 8 I can’t wait to see your face when you open all the presents and find out what you are getting from your family and your friends I hope that you will have a fun and pottery filled birthday I love you and I hope that you will enjoy your pottery when it comes home in a few days I love you and I hope that you will love your pottery and your gifts that everyone will get you I am sorry for not being able to get you a present or a card but I am sure you will understand plus I am sure you will get lots of presents and you will probably get cake and a pottery to take home in a few days I love you hope you have a very good birthday love tesia nicole oszakiewski HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY KIRA I LOVE YOU LOVE TESIA.O

princey on my lap at the computer

this is my dog princey he is sitting on my lap and is watching me type this on my blog he is so cute and he is always coming near me when I wake up and when it’s time to settle down for bed he is always sleeping near me when I tell heim princey come cuddle and he comes and cuddles with me and when he hears something in kitchen that’s when he doesn’t come cuddle with me because he knows that when there’s food he comes in the kitchen but if there’s no food he comes right near me and comes to cuddle again because that’s his way of saying I love you and this is what I’m doing to prove that I love you so that is why I’m typing this on my blog because I thought that it would be cute that my dog princey is coming to cuddle in my bed or on the couch or in the morning or at night he always is a good bubba because he shows in his own expressions that he loves me and that I love him he is such a sweet bubba because I take him out for walks and that is how I show him that I love him and that I care for him he is such a sweet bubba because he always gives me kisses when I get home from boys and girls club he is such a sweet bubba good boy .

my new stuffed dog named slush & my old small slush

once upon a time their was a new stuffed dog named slush . He was a very good dog I love him because he is a husky and I love husky’s or pretty much any type of dog it is really nice that I was able to spend my money on a new big stuffed slush since I have a small one I decided to get a big slush because my small slush was very lonely and he needed a friend to play with and spend quality time with so that is why I got him a new stuffed dog slush because he really was dying for a new best friend to spend his whole life with and be able to do things with for his whole intire life he has been wanting a new best friend for a very long time so I told him that he might get one someday he might get a new best friend if he gets along with his other brothers and his sister he has been really nice to his family members so that is why I chose to buy a new stuffed husky named slush he is becoming my new best friend forever and forever until he gets to be very old and sick I love my new stuffed slush very much he is now my favorite stuffed animal I have ever had in my intire life he has a little brother named slush number 1 he has a big brother named slush number 2 they are best friends and they always will be I love my new stuffed slush he’s very cute.

going to the doctor and getting to blow in the solid thing and candles

I have a sad story that I must share I have a polyp in my nose and a granuloma in my vocal cord he said that the only way to fix it is to take a inhaler and my tessalon pearl and my nasel spray if that doesn’t fix it and everything they tried doesn’t work then I will have to have surgery to cut it out of two places my vocal cord and my nose then I might feel better after they do the surgery but I might have to stay in the hospital after they do the surgery because they might need to watch me to make sure that nothing else goes wrong so that is what is cause me to grunt and sniff and grunt and sniff that is probably going to make me feel better when they do the surgery and I might feel like I can do more things in the weather without having to stay inside and do something inside while my friends play outside without me so if they get the granuloma fixed and the polyp fixed then I won’t grunt anymore and I’ll be back to normal after they do the surgery to fix the granuloma and the polyp if they fix my granuloma and the polyp I might be able to go outside and do whatever I want outside like I used too thankz for lisetening  love you guys bye.