My book about flowers my stuffed dog

One day it was an ordinary day  I woke up and found  a bag with a card in it and a stuffed dog I first saw the stuffed dog he is so cute he has flowers on his back so I named him flowers then when I   got  up I  got  ready  for school  and then before I  got  on my bus  I  had put him on my bed and left for school then after I come  home from  camp I will say  hi  to my stuffed  dog  flowers when I get home to tomorrow after camp and school I will play with my favorite stuffed dog named flowers he is now my favorite stuffed dog because I got him from  mom  I  am  thankful  for my new stuffed dog named flowers he is my favorite stuffed dog because he has been my new best dog ever because I got him because it’s valentine’s day  I love getting new toys and candy from  my family especially a  new stuffed  dog  named flowers he is my favorite puppy because he has flower shaped spots that look like flowers that is why I decided to name him flowers  he is my best friend now because  I   got  him from my mom I love flowers because he is a good boy as soon as I go back to mom’s I will go say hi to my best  puppy because he is my new best  friend I will give him all my love as much as I do to my other stuffed dogs I love him so much he is my very best friend  he is going to be loved so much when I come to see him tomorrow after school and camp I  love him so much he  is my best  friend  that I’ve ever had I love flowers so much he is my favorite pup in the whole  world. the end