car accident last night ?????

Yesterday we were coming home from getting food and there was a silver car that bumped into a white car. There was a 17 year old girl who was bleeding out of her nose and her side and she fainted twice. Dad called the police and the parimedics and they came and helped the 17 year old girl after a couple of minutes. They left and took her to the hospital and we were able to go home and watch tv and play the xbox, but it took a few minutes before we could go home. The air bag was steaming out of the car. They took care of the 17 year old girl, and she probably went to the hospital around the time we all went to bed. They probably took her when we were getting ready for bed, and it slightly was time for us to go to bed. I was crying because it was scary for me to watch all the police and parimedics take care of the 17 year old. If it was me I would be scared because being in a car crash can be scary for some people like me.  When you are in that kind of situation I would be scared if I’m sick and my dad isn’t there to comfort me when I’m in a ambulance, because the parimedics have to be able to take care of me and there’s no room in there .



apology to Mrs. Carter

Dear Mrs. Carter, I’m sorry for throwing a tantrum and running away from Mrs. Welch.  I understand this prevented you from doing your prep time and from working with other students like Ricky and Kayla.  It also probably hurt your lunch.  I’m sorry for doing that to you, and I hope that you forgive me.  I promise that I won’t do that ever again, because it was selfish. You are a great teacher and I love being in your class.  I hope that you are forgiving me right now. I know that school is as important as having a job.  I understand that I have to go to school because that is my job as a kid to be at school  even if I say ohh I feel sick can I go home.  You’re probably going to say no you have to stay at school. I just need to understand that it’s important for me to be at school because it’s my job as a kid, and if I’m truly sick I would need to see the nurse so that she can check me for any signs or symptoms of me being sick; but if I say that just to get my way I know it’s wrong, and I won’t ever do that again because I know that I will get in trouble for it .

Love your student, Tesia Nicole Oszakiewski