my birthday

Today …………….. Is my Birthday I just turned 13 today . Tommorrow  Is my party where I get  to do whatever I want at Dave & Busters did I mention that I’m even going there ? well……. if not well I’m going there because that’s where I chose to have my party I can’t wait to have my party tommorrow because that”s what I love the most Is having my party at my Favorite Place In The World Which Is Dave & Busters Because It’s My Favorite Place to be because there I at least get to spend time with family and friends I also get to spend time with my grandma too. I can’t wait …………… because there I get to play and win tickets just like chuck -E cheeses or peter piper pizza but only a lot bigger and more fun to play at other then those types of places I love Dave & Busters because we get to slide our card and then you can play that”s what I love about this place Is when you play you don’t run out of tokens and you get to spend more time there without feeling like you’re being rushed and I get to have more time to play and have more fun then having to rushed that’s the fun part about Dave & Busters is you can play and have fun and get to spend more time. The End

getting 100% on my science quiz

One Day This Girl Named Tesia She was doing a science quiz on hygrometer barameter Thermometer and I got 100% on it because I knew the answers so that’s why I got 100% on It is because I was paying attention to what my teacher had told about how to use the instruments  and how to hold them I love science because it’s fun to learn the things I’ve studied for all quarter that I should know already because my teacher has taught me for I think a year alsmost two years so I should already know it because I ‘ve  studied it for a while and I should know It by now because If I don’t she would be very mad at me because I should’ve known it by now If I don’t that’s asham because we’ve studied it for like a year maybe two years I don’t know maybe but it’s been AWHILE.

christmas time

there was once a girl  her name is kira she had a great idea and when she had that great idea she said that ohhh I should make my christmas list so that people know what I want and so she did she wrote lots of things down of what she wanted for christmas and then she sent it to her friends and family so that they can see what she wants for christmas this year I hope I get my novi stars she said and then her father told her you’re just going to have to wait and see what you will get when christmas eve arrives because it’s kinda of rude to open gifts when it’s not christmas eve says my father so then she said yes father and she waited and she waited and she waited and she waited and she waited  until  it time  for chrristmas but until then you can’t open presents ok . Ok father .