getting lice ???????

one day I started scratching feriously .  I had tried some drandroff shampoo. some other types of shampoo.  that didn’t work .then one day which was yesterday. I went to the hair salon.  they tried doing my hair .Then while we were there .They were trying to doing my hair. That’s when they found some flea like tick bugs .That were in my hair so then. After they saw them. They said that they couldn’t work on my hair. Because their were tick like flea bugs. In my hair. Then when we discoverd that it wasn’t dandroff .we said that ohhh. We should have noticed .This a long time Ago. Then when they told us. About what had happend. I started crying . saying I’m sorry for what happend.Then the people there. Said it’s okay. You didn’t do this. It’s not your fault. It just happends. Even my dad said you didn’t. Cause this it’s going to be ok .by:tesia nicole.