my favorite stuffed animal is…………. mr. weenie shaggy pup

Hey ….. I’m back guess what I got a brand new stuffed animal and guess what I named him ……. I named it Mr. Weenie he is so cute I’ve always wanted a stuffed dog and guess where I got him from ……… I got him from Build – A Bear workshop I got not one not three but ……. Two Build – A Bear’s one is named mr. weenie and the other is shaggy pup one is fluffy and soft and the other one is soft and has floppy ears and the other one is the same has floppy ears too. they are one of my favorites they play nice together and they don’t fight just so you know if you ever baby sit them and they start fighting tell me cause if they keep doing it they will get in really big trouble so they are sooooooo cute and they both are really nice they like to play outside and also they like to play get you get you that’s what we do with my dad’s dog he likes playing get you get you just like his dog so if they start to rough houze with each other just let them . otherwize they will start to get really mad and start biting people so please if you see him playing with his brother just let him because if you try to mess with him they will start to mess with you so please do not mess with them have an excellent evening bye.