favorite tv show is…. scooby-doo chill out scooby-doo

one day their was this girl her name is tesia nicole oszakiewski she was watching a movie about scooby -doo and all of his friends. one day while shaggy and scooby were playing in the snow and there was something big and really really tall. and they ran away from the big tall thing. they went to go find their friends. then when they found them they told them about what they saw. they were all going to investigate to try find out who was trying to fool them. after they all figured out who was trying to fool them they called the police and the police arrested the people who were trying to be bad and lie to them about who is behind the costume that started all this in the first place . after they solved the mystery they got to go home and relax but before they went home the police thanked them for doing their job which is to solve mysteries that have not been solved. that is why I love the chill out scooby-doo movie is because it’s funny when they get into lots of trouble by the police or by the gang who are there to solve mysteries just like they always do when the absolutly have to that is why I love all the scooby-doo mysteries . I love watching all the scooby-doo movies because it’s fun and it keeps me occupied while my dad does what ever he needs to while I sit back and relax and watch my scooby-doo movies from tesia nicole oszakiewski .