stuffed dogs

stuffed dogs are my favorite why you ask WELL because when they are puppies they are so cute when they are first born so I have a stuffed dog named chips he got taken away so now I have too earn him back so what I have too do is not wake up my mom and remember too take my medicine and watch TV quietly and keep watching TV quietly every day and then wait until my mom wakes up and she might give back my dog so I have successfully have earned chips back but for now I can’t disturb my mom at all that’s how I can earn chips back.


Dachshunds are one of my favorite animals wonder why I guess because they are my favorite kind of animal and they are one and a million and they also never give up and stay with you and I in our heart even if they die or they are still alive the great thing is that they never stop giving up and they really love playing fetch and I love dachshunds because the funny thing is that they sorta run fast with short dachshund legs that’s because I think that it’s really funny that dachshunds have short legs and run fast even though they run fast with short legs it looks funny too.

Braces: the adventure continues

My trip to the orthodontist went well but when they put my braces on it was a little scary but until my dad steps into the room I calmed down then they put on my braces and all they had too do was put on my braces but when I was done I got to look at them in the mirror and both my dad and then when we got back to my mom’s apartment she took a couple of pictures of my braces and so did my dad I think that she is showing the pictures that she took of my braces and I really love my new braces because even though I can’t have candy like I used to I can have candy just chocolate and just not chewy sticky gummy and hard candy for two years and I really don’t really care as much because I can be able to have more candy when I get my braces off so that’s why I really don’t care as much as I used to because the sooner I don’t mess with them the sooner I can have as much candy as I want just like I used to but that’s why I really don’t care as much as I used to because the sooner I don’t mess with them the sooner I can have as much candy as I used to

That’s my whole story of getting my braces and the best thing is that I can wear my braces to school and then by the time I finish school that will be the time I get my braces off and then here comes the really fun part – I get to eat as much candy as I want to besides the trip to the orthodontist to get my braces and being really scared I had a really fun time and also besides the horrible medicine that they gave me, other than that I had a really fun time there and especially my braces that was my most favorite part of them all because it’s a new experience that I have learned and also learned that the hard part was over and that it was just the easy part now

I finally noticed that other people have had braces and my dad has had them too so I had nothing to be afraid of so that worked out really well and Dr Jones has been working with autistic kids for 16 years that’s why he is very patient with me and even though I got a little scared he told me he has had braces before and even though my dad was in the room with me explained that he has had braces before so there’s nothing to be afraid of so did Dr Jones’s office and It looks like the arctic that’s why I love the orthodontist.