Helping pets in need

I saw a dog that needed some water because he was panting so dad said that I should give the dog some water so I helped the panting puppy the reason he was panting is because he was in the sun and so I gave him some water and the lady in the pool deck laying on her tummy said thank you very very VERY much and I said you ‘re welcome and I walked back to our apartment and put the bowl in the sink after the dog was finished with his water and the lady said thank you very very much and I said you’re welcome.

Adventure in Prescott

When I was at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Prescott, I was at the park and I was playing there, and I had fun. It was very very very VERY fun. We went for a ride on the ATVs, and I had a very very VERY FUN time with them. After the park I got some candy. I got sour dots, our cousin Stephen had Gummie Bears, and Kira had watermelon sour patches.